There was once a time in the beginning when Fiverr was the freelance website to get practically anything done for 5 $. Since the initial years, it is one website that receives job requests and freelancers offering services that range from the professional to the funny.

The types and cost of job offers available on this website has long crossed its 5$ minimum mark and can now provide room for job offers that go as high as 10,000$. The variation in the pricing usually means a difference in the quality of service provided and offers that will take a longer time to complete.

Here is a list of services that the Fiverr website has to offer potential clients who need work done, as well as a few offers from freelancers with more creative ideas in mind:

Graphics and Designing

With the growing online marketing business both online and offline, there is always a need to make products, companies, and events more eye-catching and alluring.

The types of work available under this category include job offers for potential freelance clients that need help with graphics, animations, and charting out designs and drafting models for anything.

The services on-offer can range from animation, designing professional and custom logos and insignias as well as creating a brand, illustrations, web designing, portrait-making, and designs. These services are made mainly for advertising in flyers, brochures, book covers, menus, cartoon, 3D animation, t-shirts, and more.

The pricing in this category can start as low as 5$ and go as high as 5000$.

Writing and Translation

Even with the growing interest for non-text media, the need for text and content media is always on demand. 

This category includes the traditional freelance writing services that include written or textual work like content writing, proofreading and editing, email copying, transcription, translation. There are also other types of writing offers available like article and blog post, essays, creative writing, research, press releases, scriptwriting, book and e-book writing, resumes and cover letters, etc.

There is also a miscellaneous sub-category where other forms of text-related work can be posted, or freelancers looking to provide any form of text support to potential clients.

This category can start at 5$ and go up to 1000$ according to the type of service and freelancer’s skill.

Digital Marketing

This category is dedicated to cover any form of business and management services that have to do with product, multimedia, social, and commercial marketing needs.

This category also includes people willing to provide services on web analysis, crowd funding, market advising and strategy, advertising, promotion, web traffic, and more.

The paid listing of this category starts at 5$ and can go up to 3000$ for services rendered.

Music and Audio

This category is not limited to composition and recording but also includes mixing, producing, tuning, and marketing audio or music files.

Services of this type include voice-overs, music tracks, podcasts, voice tuning, jingle composition, and even sound effects. The marketing aspect includes connecting singers and songwriters, posting the music online, music reviews, editing vocal and music tracks, and creating original music videos.

The work for hire starts at 5$ and can go up to 500$. 

Programming and Tech

Every business owner or even someone who owns a computer with an internet connection needs tech support at some point in time. This has become a basic necessity that came with entering the Computer Age. So, simple and affordable tech support and advice are always on demand.  

This category goes into more technical lines that go into software and app developing, as well as web developing, and data analysis.

The services on this list include game and database developing and designing, file conversions, Question and Answer section, chat bots,  IT support, desktop application work and management, as well as eCommerce.

The work on this line starts at 5$ and can go as high as 2000$ to hire services.


This category provides services that include advice and services all on audio, video, and text format on anything from DIYs, arts and crafts, relationship, astrological, spiritual and genealogical readings, and online lessons.

This category also features entertainment-related work for hire like personalized greeting cards, viral videos, gaming services, celebrity impersonators, and more.

The services on this category go from 5$ to 150$.

Video and Animation

This category provides services for any animation and photography needs. Most of the animation and graphics job offers are related to marketing and social media use.

The services range from 3D animation, whiteboard and video explainers, animated GIFs, visual effects, slideshows, product photography, and video editing.

The services of this category can start at 5$ and go as high as 6000$.

Additional: The Silly Department

Fiverr features many silly job offers that have come up over the years. These job requests turn up in every category, especially in ‘Lifestyle’. The interesting part is that these freelancers can sometimes offer their silly services in all seriousness and even deliver as advertised. Some of the most interesting yet silly-sounding job offers that have come up in Fiverr over the years are as follows:

Dance in Costumes

There have been many FIVERR freelancers that have promised to dance and sing while wearing a costume such as a banana or hot dog outfit. For this 5$ service, most clients have shown their appreciation for the unique style and artistry of these costumed commercial experts.

Tell Me What to Do

For easy payments of 5-10$, several freelancers promise to do or say whatever the client wishes them to do, within a limited range and for entertainment purposes.

Fan fiction and Parodies

With the growing internet appetite for fan fiction and parodies on anything from the most popular fiction novel to a trending internet cartoon character, potential clients can find 5-15$. Some fan fiction and parody makers offer guarantee their services to be ‘weird’ and ‘quirky’.


Five dollars is not a lot of money for some people.  So it leads to a list of exciting job offers that can either be funny or simply service rendering.

It is always up to the client to choose and adequately interview the freelancer and their profile for authenticity. Any client that needs help can always contact the Fiverr customer care. This will ensure a secure and fun experience.

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